Sunday, June 19, 2011

YMCA Untouched Round 3: May 2011

A rare documentary moment.... 2008 and 2009 as previously viewed in this post. I avoided home in 2010 and chose to wander around the country floating fake cakes instead. I didn't have a tripod this year so there are far more details than environmental views.

Father's Day card from Javy & Jacinda, c. 1982

My old bed frame for sale in the gym (previous owner was Aunt Eleanor)

Boise State is the missing pennant.

The red and green towels I bought at Macy's in Tucson, Arizona in 1998.

The scale that was in every house where I grew up. It was the last scale I intentionally stepped about 20 years ago.

Piles and the painting that once hung above the sink in Dad's studio.

The mannequin on the right was one of the very first images that I ever photographed in my Intro to Photo class at Boise State (in the front seat of the Studebaker truck).

My old pillow (and the very first photograph in the Wunderkammer.)


  1. Hi, is this YMCA pic the one on Hudson st in LA? I stayed there a very long time ago but camera got stolen so I lost most LA pics.
    Cheers Sam

  2. No it's in Oregon. Thanks for asking!

  3. Hey thanks anyway I found it on Schrader St Hollywood via Google Maps :)


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