Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Luis Obispo: Quick Recap

Best artwork viewed in SLO (at a transgender BBQ where all the propane for the grill was empty before we started and we nearly resorted to micro-cue before heading into town to eat at a restaurant):

Meet my friend Doug. We went to graduate school together and have known each other for 15 years.

If there is anyone more organized than I am, it is Doug. This isn't the best photographic example but it does show that he too owns a label maker and actually puts things where they belong and yes, everything is spotless:

Doug runs the Photography area at Cuesta College where I photographed this chair I really liked outside the main Art office:

We have visited many a fine restaurant here in SLO (finally Mexican food!) where I saw boxed water for the first time (I'll be waiting for that to hit Indiana until the day I die):

Today, with Doug's help, I conquered two major entities on my SLO list and also added something on tomorrow's agenda. I now know where Arthur Tress lives. It's on the way to my next destination. I think I really have become an artist stalker. I knew I brought those binoculars for a reason. We also spent some time photographing/researching at Pismo Beach today. Here I am reading The Wave with waves in the background. Let's say "meta" all at once now.

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