Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming Pools from ArchDaily

I have been following the ArchDaily blog for a year or two though I usually whip through most of the entries because I'm looking for houses with swimming pools & I'm not interested in architectural renderings or plans. Since April, I've collected every pool shown on the blog. Yes, this is the ideal paradise but we take what we can get with the inflatable version on a art professor's salary.

16 April 2011 Entry, Minas Gerais, Brazil

19 April 2011 Entry, Castellon, Spain (reminding me a little of the pool in this film)

26 April Entry, Spain

30 April 2011 Entry, Germany

3 May 2011 Entry, Paradise City, Arizona

4 May 2011 Entry, Scottsdale, Arizona

5 May 2011 Entry, Israel

9 May 2011 Entry, Desert Hot Springs, CA

23 May 2011 Entry, Victoria, Australia

25 May 2011 Entry, Paradise Valley, Arizona

26 May 2011 Entry, Thailand


  1. 4th one down....i NEED to swim in that.

  2. yeah... I'm in love with that one and the one from 9th May. Albeit a far cry from those pools, you guys need to come test out the inflatable. Last night it was inaugurated (with hot vegetables) and it was quite nice.


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