Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look! I'm at the Beach Again! Big Sur to Be Exact.

Big Sur is AMAZING! I was constantly reminded of New Zealand today beginning with the pier at San Simeon (with Hearst's Castle on the hillside). Above is Point Lobos.

I stood here at Willow Creek for a little while to watch some surfers.

Looking a little like the Oregon Coast but with sunshine.

The Cypress Grove hike which was my favorite of the day because... lead to photographs like this (channeling my inner Edward Weston and Ansel Adams that never, ever appear).

Point Lobos is named for the sea lions which were prominent. I hauled my binoculars all the way to California but LEFT THEM IN THE CAR on this hike. Idiot move of the day.

Putting my undergraduate geology class to work... 55 million year old conglomerate rocks at Point Lobos.

Nearby sedimentary rock at Point Lobos.

Someone dropped their sombrero.

More photos of Big Sur coming soon.

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  1. nice photos of Pt. Lobos,

    Suggestion: no apostrophe here in the following--

    "I am fascinated by Conceptual Art, the Earthworks movement, photography and it’s relationship to sculpture and installation..."


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