Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ed Ruscha From "Road Tested"

With this map (i.e. exhibition announcement from the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth), sprang forth an idea, a connection, a "this is what I must do to complete the VB project." At last....

Eddie Ruscha & Bill Edler, Hitchhiking Trip, Summer 1954

When he was 14, he and a friend hitchhiked from Oklahoma City to Florida. Ruscha recorded their route on a map that he keeps in his studio.

This is Ruscha’s photographic interpretation to Jack Kerouac’s 1959 novel, On the Road. On 21 August 1966, Ruscha and this two friends were driving a Buick at 90 miles an hour near Las Vegas when someone threw a Royal typewriter out the window. It shattered. Ruscha stopped the car and went back to photograph it.

Robert Irwin on Ed Ruscha’s books: "The general response when you got a Ruscha book was to look through it with interest, then laugh, then look through it with interest. You keep looking for the story."

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