Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Photos: Part 2

Chris Verene, My Cousin Candi's Wedding with Her Two Favorite Customers from Her Job at the Sirloin Steak Stockade, 2004

Sally Mann, He is Very Sick, 1986

Joel Sternfeld, Man with Training Baby, 1999

Southworth & Hawes, Family Portrait, 1884

Alec Soth, Mother and Daughter, Davenport, Iowa. "'My dream is to be a RN,' wrote Aja. Her mother, Julie, said that she had given up dreaming a long time ago."

Gary Schneider, Barron Family Portrait, 1996

Larry Sultan, Mom Posing for Me, 1984

Nicholas Nixon, The Brown Sisters, 1975

Nicholas Nixon, The Brown Sisters, 2007

Trish Morrissey, June 17th, 2006
[Morrisey switches places with the woman in the family she finds on a beach. The subjects are being photographed by someone familiar and hardly realize that there is an outsider sitting between them.]

Duane Michals, Letter to My Father, 1975

Bill Owens, Fourth of July, from Suburbia

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