Saturday, June 4, 2011

Days 10 & 11: Progress

Dream of Voodoo Doughnut while I check off my list:

Yesterday (5.5 hours):

• Ed Ruscha Letter agonized over, completed, photographed & sent. Check.
• Postcard Collective photograph taken & postcard designed. Check.
• Three books perused for scanning. Check.
• Venice Biennale research. Check.

Today (7.25 hours):

• Tripod fixed at Jack's Camera. Check.
• Plexi-glass ordered for Nine Fake Cakes... frames. Check.
• Three library books scanned & four more books checked out. Check.
• Postcard Collective printed, labeled, and ready to go out tomorrow. Check.
• Lots of Venice Biennale research (big post coming soon). Check.

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