Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tale of Two Obessions Part 2: Counting Cats

One of the biggest remaining piles I had yet to conquer prior to leaving for California was the growing boxes and envelopes of cats. After several hours, I have (to the best of my counting capabilities) 2463 cats! I only need 1327 more! Of course I had a lot of help from my friends.

Two postcards from Amelia:

Not sure how to count this...

When I was in Portland, I bought half a yard of Alexander Henry's "Hocus the Cat." I tallied 296 cats but since Mary was in town (she who helped me add all of the cats in the original scrapbook two years ago), I thought it would be perfect to have her recount for me.

She counted 336 and 1/2. Perhaps with the above 2 headed cat, that will make 337?

Muchas gracias to all that have helped me so far: Mom, Amelia, Laura, Donna, Braydee, and Ron!

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