Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Day in LA

Oh the photographs one can take at a 826 store!

The very hard to capture without a glare entry window at the Time Travel 826LA in Silver Lake.

JR and the dinosaur eggs behind sliding glass doors

Just in case I ever decide to open one of my McSweeney's subscriptions, this is what the inside of the head box contains.

Beer bellies in the terrarium.

No one can beat these doughnuts - one year old or 26 years of age, they are the winners of this vacation's search.

Moving on down the street... if it wasn't a 99 cent store, it might as well be.

The pigs may have had help in the arranging of this photograph.

The nearby bookstore also on Sunset that featured this lovely zine cover introducing...

... the LA River near Adam's house. Egrets, herons, and...

... clever graffiti.

Jack Nicholson in Chinatown at Silver Lake in 1974.

Silver Lake 37 years later.

Cats on a "No Parking" sign and...

... DIY handicapped parking stencil (?).

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