Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 17 Progress: Erasing "Along Some Rivers," etc.

Yesterday at 6:15 PM, I picked up "Along Some Rivers: Photographs and Conversations" by Robert Adams and read it start to finish. I tore my post-its into threes and marked the passages that I wanted to remember and two images to scan. I overlooked the pencil markings from a previous reader momentarily but then my annoyance grew. Why was this passage so important when the one underneath it was more meaningful? Why circle page 68 underneath the photograph when all you have to do is look at it to remember it is the one you liked most? Why not buy your own copy and deface it rather than pollute mine with your commentary? I usually do not voice these concerns and sound like I'm riding on a horse higher than anyone else, but the more pages I turned, the more writing appeared, and the more I wanted this library book to look pristine (particularly because it was new).

Then I scanned my pages, typed my notes and put the book aside. This morning, however, I erased every single one of those comments. Unfortunately, the paper is glossy and neither of my erasers worked very effectively. The underlined ghosts are still evident.

In summer stipend news: labels are made, four blog posts are written yet are invisible to everyone else's eyes until later on in June, and many more aspects of the rapidly approaching California trip are falling into place. 6 hours.

[Much more will appear on Robert Adams soon. I have four of his books checked out from the library as I am constantly thinking about the status of the clear-cutting that I saw when I went back home. Far worse than the past and far more memorable.]

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