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Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Acquisitions

Lots of white books arrived this month. Three were damaged (not by the cat), returned, and shipped again. I ordered The Artist's Guide because the author will be a visiting artist next semester at Ball State plus I heard it is a worthwhile read by several people. I now own The Elements of Style (Illustrated) because I needed it and who wouldn't buy the illustrated version especially when this is inside?

Photographs Not Taken offered a tremendous surprise when I read Kelli's page:

I had to purchase the Cindy Sherman and Rineke Dijkstra monographs after seeing them at the Museum of Modern Art and SFMOMA bookstores. I didn't have a Sherman book and my Dijkstra catalog is quite miniscule so here's to rounding out the library.

This month, I was also the lucky recipient of this much awaited, self-published book by Maura Jasper. From the introduction: "...Items found by transportation is an inventory of items lost on Ball State University buses and recovered by transportation. This book is a compilation of emails written by Gary with an effort to reunite lost items with their owners..."

I am counting down the days when I will have some free time to read and conquer my interlibrary loan list!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cindy Sherman & MoMA

I went to MoMA to see the Cindy Sherman retrospective but there were many other pleasant surprises along the way.

Cindy Sherman's sign through Sanja Ivekovic's installation.

Work from the Contemporary Galleries:

Always a fan of Robert Gober's Cat Litter

Ashley Bickerton's Tormented Self-Portrait (Susie at Arles), 1987-88. I learned once that this was important in contemporary art history and I never forgot that fact. It was far larger and more unwieldy in person that I expected. Still interesting though incredibly dated.

Doris Salcedo, Atrabiliarios (Atrabilious), 1992-93
[Wall installation with plywood, shoes, animal fiber, thread, & sheepskin] Even though it was animal skin, Salcedo's artwork hidden behind six niches won first prize in my book for unusual installation.

Dieter Roth's Solo Scenes, 1997-98 documenting the last two years of his life (working in his studio, sleeping, eating alone, etc.). This was only 1/3 of the installation which was emotionally moving. All the people that were posing for their portraits in front of it due to the sheer mass of televisions might not have read the wall text to know they were standing in front of one man's eventual demise.

A bag from the Design exhibition... here's where I wonder how often one would be asked to have it rescanned at the airport.

Eugene Atget's Documents pour artists (Above: Coin, Boulevard de la Chapelle et Rue Fleury 76, 18E, June 1921. So many Atget's to view at once...

Cindy Sherman's installation just like the Venice Biennale but even larger than life.

I've read several reviews of the retrospective this month. This was the most interesting. Overall, it was a well-thought out exhibition. The best moments include:

1) seeing all of the Untitled Film Stills together and realizing how much like student work some of them really were. There are many repeats that one doesn't see with the same characters with different expressions which was something I never noticed when seeing them individually.

2) Her giant wallpaper pieces are made from the same material that I planned on using for the cat scans! Yay! Happy that this will work after all.

3) I loved the History portrait room and the new work of rich women which is nearly as large as the wall paper pieces.

4) One of the funniest instances was watching a mother cover her ten year old daughter's eyes and herd her out of the room upon encountering Untitled 263 as represented here. There weren't enough of the grotesque photographs to round out Sherman's work but they are not necessarily the crowd pleasers that everyone wants to see either.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Looking for someone to be me for five days this month... Must be able to participate in the Animation Search committee meetings and attend a lecture, meet with five BFA thesis students, teach seven classes, and feed my cats. Anyone?

Cindy Sherman as Richard Prince, Richard Prince as Cindy Sherman, 1983

Matthew Barney as Gary Gilmore in Cremaster 2

Duane Michals, Self-Portrait as Someone Else I and II, 1968

Alfred Hitchcock poses as a woman for a magazine article, c. 1964

Douglas Gordon, Self-portrait as Kurt Cobain, as Andy Warhol, as Myra Hindley, as Marilyn Monroe, 1996

Bruce Conner as Dennis Hopper and Dennis Hopper as Bruce Conner, From The Dennis Hopper One Man Show, 1973

Janine Antoni, Mom and Dad, 1993-94