Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Acquisitions

Lots of white books arrived this month. Three were damaged (not by the cat), returned, and shipped again. I ordered The Artist's Guide because the author will be a visiting artist next semester at Ball State plus I heard it is a worthwhile read by several people. I now own The Elements of Style (Illustrated) because I needed it and who wouldn't buy the illustrated version especially when this is inside?

Photographs Not Taken offered a tremendous surprise when I read Kelli's page:

I had to purchase the Cindy Sherman and Rineke Dijkstra monographs after seeing them at the Museum of Modern Art and SFMOMA bookstores. I didn't have a Sherman book and my Dijkstra catalog is quite miniscule so here's to rounding out the library.

This month, I was also the lucky recipient of this much awaited, self-published book by Maura Jasper. From the introduction: "...Items found by transportation is an inventory of items lost on Ball State University buses and recovered by transportation. This book is a compilation of emails written by Gary with an effort to reunite lost items with their owners..."

I am counting down the days when I will have some free time to read and conquer my interlibrary loan list!

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