Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Current Exhibitions

In addition to Lust at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, here are some other things that are in the works:

My submission for Io Palmer and Lisa Link's Serve and Project napkin show at The Kitchen Gallery Exhibition at Clermont Gallery, University of Cincinnati from 4-22 May.

One of two accepted submissions for Paperchaser 2012 at Gallery 308 in Muncie, Indiana (seen alongside Mollie Baumann's mixed media photograph). "Desert Sun" and "Little Great Lakes" are on view until 26 April. The reflections and hideous i-Phone photographic reproduction look a little like they are underwater. Appropriate or inappropriate?

I also shipped two artworks to Rockford, Illinois for the 2012 Rockford Midwestern Biennial at the Rockford Art Museum. Sooke Potholes... and Scott and Kim's Backyard... made the final cut.

The Objects of Containment proposal by Hannah Barnes, David Hannon, Jennifer Halvorson and I was accepted as an Atrium Gallery exhibition at Ball State University in November 2012 and will travel to the Academy of Art in Wroclaw, Poland next April.

I have a solo exhibition at Vincennes University that will be installed in August 2012. It will feature Strange Artifacts: A Found Object and Photographic Wunderkammer, The Library of Loss and two new pieces from the Autobiography series. Scary to think that a minimum of 80 artworks will be in one location!

Discounting the largest stack of rejection letters that I have ever received this year and the diminishing checking account from application fees, there are still 15 things in the works with many more to come. I'm down to the wire on the ten exhibition quota (generously bequeathed to me by the tenure and promotion committee) before 31 October. It can still happen... gray hairs and all. Five more to go.

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