Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breakfast at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo

The definition of "over the top" applies to the Madonna Inn where the Highland Family and I went out for breakfast yesterday. This is my second visit. The first time I wandered into the infamous men's bathroom and purchased many postcards. Room 137 - The Caveman Room (image from their website - check out all the themed rooms) is a great example of what is behind these doors.

Large rocks and pink are key features. The fireplace resembles a smaller version of Grove Park Inn.

From the outside, the chimneys look like they weigh 4 tons.

Everything is so well constructed and straight out of 1950s Disneyland. This is where all the themed rooms can be found:

The entryway near the banquet hall:

Heavy breakfast goblets with Allegra's sippy cup.

The desserts are amazing and equally fitting to their surroundings. Oh to buy this and push my hand through it.


  1. Reading Umberto Eco's 'Travels in Hyperreality' and in the first essay he goes on and on about how the Madonna Inn is a perfect example of American hyperreality. Judging from the tone, I think this is supposed to be negative, but really all it did was make me think "I must go there." I guess I am hopelessly American.

    Thanks for all the pictures though! Sounds like the trip is going well

  2. Now is the time not to listen to Mr. Eco. This place is one of my favorite pieces of grandiose architecture in the world. Put it on your Must See list Cat! Yeah... can't wait to work on the art portion of the trip and get it up on the blog in early July. Now it is bordering on travelog.


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