Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VB Assignment: Dougnuts

Photograph every doughnut I see that is easily accessible. I didn't see many doughnuts the entire trip (the fortune cookie factory wasn't even a close second). I was never on the side of town near the airport in LA to visit Randy's Donuts and I had been there before so it was fine that I didn't go this time. I need to figure out why I like to photograph this genre of food but don't necessarily care about eating them.

Randy's Donuts, 3 July 2003

San Francisco offered many options in terms of combination doughnut/chicken eateries but that was the rainiest day of my visit and the camera stayed hidden in my bag due to the weather (plus I was secretly repulsed). It's either the doughnuts from 826LA supposedly from 1985 or ...

...doughnuts from one block down the street behind a window that hasn't been cleaned since 1985.

This portion of the VB assignment ended in failure. I didn't even capture enough to make a grid. I am wondering what my doughnut options will be in Italy? Ha. Here's to photographing every single margherita pizza I consume instead.

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