Monday, July 11, 2011

More Swimming Pools from Arch Daily

"Every single..." swimming pool began earlier this summer from all the pools posted on ArchDaily. Here are all the ones since 1st June 2011.

(Coolest name ever for a house: House of the Flight of the Birds), Portugal, 1 June

Calvia, Spain, 1 June

Barcelona, 2 June

Moab, Utah, 3 June

East Hampton, 3rd June

East Hampton #2 (because I couldn't decide between the two), 3 June

Istanbul, 10 June

Poland, 15 June

Portugal, 16th June

Morocco, 16 June

Bangkok, 23 June

Piemonte, Italy, 2 July

Long Island, NY, 11 July

What I've gathered from all of this is that Spain and Portugal have a lot of private swimming pools worthy of trespassing! I think I will go with House of the Flight of the Birds as the winner though I would have taken pains to remove the hose from the pool for a major architectural photoshoot. East Hampton is a close second.

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