Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chris Anthony's "Venice"

Here is another Venice Beach/Venice, Italy comparison.

From Anthony's website: "I was thinking about climate change and the effects global warming will have on the ice caps. It’s my exaggerated idea of a future world where a lot of land has become submerged in ocean water. It’s always been my dream to travel to Antarctica but I still haven’t found the time or money to make the trip. About two years ago I was looking into the expedition companies that take you there and once again I was left with only my fantasies of the South Pole. I’m no expert by any means but I pay attention to the global warming reports and I thought how horrible it would be if the poles were to completely melt away in my lifetime."

"That’s when I started to imagine a future society of survivors submerged in sea water. I live in Los Angeles and there are many places along the coast I could have used for this series so no, it wasn’t a coincidence that I chose Venice Beach. It seemed fitting as I was indeed thinking of the slowly sinking Venice (Italy) which also happens to be my favorite place in the world. That was a neat piece of symmetry that appealed to me."

"The carnival aspect is certainly a nod to Venice. I can’t help but almost always inject a bit of theatrics into my work. And my love for performers and storytellers gives me this romantic notion that those sorts of people will always be vital for mankind. I designed the rest of the costumes/props to have come from the military or at least be very utilitarian."

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