Sunday, July 10, 2011

VB Assignment: Braydee's Key

VB Assignment: The every single factor ... in the manner of Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari... Photograph every doughnut and swimming pool I see and try Braydee’s key at every place I am staying.

My quest to find home in California with Braydee's key ended in failure (as most things I tried last month were bound to do).* Before the trip, I thought about sending her key off in a grand fashion - hurling it into the sea or building it a small styrofoam pie to float away in the Pacific. None of these options were appropriate (if it had been my key that would have been a different story). It returned to Muncie and its rightful owner after residing on my kitchen table for a week. The best part of its tour of the Pacific coast is that it gave me several ideas on how to contend with the ring of keys I recently found from the house on Stewart Island that my family no longer owns. Throw that into the growing pile of what to work on this fall.

San Marcos, California

Los Angeles, California

San Luis Obispo, California

Monterey, California

*Failure to find home, failure to meet Ed Ruscha, and failure to find a keyhole any size that would hold Braydee's into place just for the photograph.

This image is not part of the sequence though I should have brought the flash... a low light/shallow depth of field photograph of how I left it on Braydee's front porch two days ago. Ironically, the key didn't even come close to fitting in her lock so I failed at taking the photograph of it not resting in my hand.

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