Sunday, July 17, 2011

VB Assignment: Clear Water Samples: Pacific Ocean

I am enamored with collecting clear water samples everywhere I am outside Indiana these days. It began in Oregon when I asked my brother if I could borrow a drinking glass as we trekked to the coast to burn some artwork. I wasn't too happy with the image (below) but thought the idea was worthy enough to pursue.

Fort Stevens State Park, OR - 22 May 2011

It continued throughout the California trip. It's this summer's performance in progress - I'm heading to Italy with small graduates that arrived just in time (below image with help from my studio assistant) from Nate Larson, scholarly specs, and green gloves (as I'm sure willing to bet the water won't be as clear there). Hmmm... maybe I need some tongs as well or I could save those for the White (Brown) River in Muncie.

In the US, the goal was to borrow a drinking container and it was not up to me to see what I would be given. I don't think I will have that luxury in Italy, hence the reason I am collecting my own supply. Overall, the biggest surprise is how clear each sample is... certainly worthy of cake floating (in a previous life).

La Jolla Cove, CA - 19 June 2011

Venice Beach, CA - 21 June 2011

Pismo Beach, CA - 24 June 2011

Point Lobos, Big Sur, CA - 25 June 2011

I've always been attracted to samples of materials and I suppose this relates back to 1998 when I collected sand from every beach I visited on Stewart Island and placed photographs of that location in the containers.

These were one of the few art items that I rescued from the burn pile in May. I've always been amazed that the image from Lee Bay has not deteriorated but the other three are now nearly unrecognizable.

Halfmoon Bay & Lee Bay, Stewart Island, New Zealand

[The last two images plus the new sample containers were taken with the new G12 which one might say is far better than the i-phone camera.]

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