Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christoph Niemann's "72 Hours in Venice"

Niemann created this series last month during the opening weekend of the Biennale. "72 Hours in Venice" features standing in line behind Jeff Koons to climb Doug and Mike Starn's Big Bambu at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, awoken by a mysterious honk in a city that doesn't have cars, and some of his favorite works in the Biennale:

"4:58 p.m.
My favorite piece so far: a 24 hour video titled “The Clock.” The whole movie is chronologically cut together from movie scenes in which a clock with a specific time is featured prominently. The time in the movie is also synched with the time of the presentation. As I walk in, Jack Nicholson is staring at a wall clock in the terrific opening scene of “About Schmidt”. It’s 4.58 p.m. Mr. Schmidt is ready to leave. So am I."

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