Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Lists Featuring Google Searches

Matt Belanger's Google Search for 2005

The first is from one of my favorite sources.

"Things I Have Needed to Google While Writing Poems to Turn In to My MFA Workshop"
Daniela Olszewska

"Train cases, blue lung, marines uniform underwear, correct pronunciation of caesura, suicide tree house cult, koi ponds, psikhushkas, doll with a head at both ends, how to defer student loan, yogurt mountain birthday club, Gwendolyn Brooks, can a penis literally break in half(?), circumstances under which you can sue your landlord, glove sizes, coach of Alabama football after Paul Bear Bryant, synchronized PMS, Mike the Headless Chicken—Colorado, queer heterosexualitied [sic], Polish vodka delivery to Tuscaloosa, how to build a sundial, [ex's name], types of beads that can go on a cardigan, rhyming dictionary, cloning elephants, elephants contagious disease, make up artist in movie Casino, diagram of steamboat, ingredients in egg cream, summer creative writing teaching jobs, dream interpretation: teeth falling out, Edward Gorey's coyote fur coat, Simpsons monorail song, [different ex's name], [name of press publishing the different ex's first full-length collection of poems], [name of woman mentioned in different ex's writer's bio], clonazepam, did umbrella stands exist in flapper era(?), ace of base all that she wants lyrics, cockroach poison safe for cats, Anne Sexton naked, Anne Sexton swimsuit, pink cowboy boots, varicose veins, best font for cover letters."

The second is a growing collection residing as a Sticky note on my desktop:
Words People Have Googled to Find My Website:

"Headclamps for photographic portraits"
"Jacinda Astoria"
"clamp ear self facial torture"
"hair over face"
"comic books shredded destroyed burned"
"Fear of Schizophrenia photography"
"inkjet insulator aggregation"
"smoked incessantly"
"ball made from foil from cigarette packs"
"jacinda naked"
"russell from device"
"Jacinda Arizona"
"Jacinda Mask"
"artist statement about in her self portrait drawings"
"photography series griefing object"
"wrapping things in foil schizophrenia"
"jacinda let go"
"How to photograph muddy footprints from a crime scene"

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