Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Jr. Weekend: Pacific Northwest

I didn't take many photographs this weekend but I thought a lot about Shawn Record's series Harbor. I missed out on the snow for the snowcake practice run in Muncie so I'll be (gasp) hoping for more in the not so far future to see if the Kool-Aid works as a dyeing agent.

"Ultimately, Harbor is a project about hope and failure; the recurring rise and fall inherent in people and place, primarily set in and inspired by Gray's Harbor in Washington state. When locals ask why I'm photographing there, I always tell them that the area has a long history of both optimism and failure that interests me: the rise and fall of logging, the construction and desertion of the nuclear plant, the spotted owl, the meth, Cobain's rise and eventual suicide, etc.... At first, I worried about offending, but that's never the case. They always laugh. They get it. In fact, I think they thrive on it."

See more of Shawn's work here.

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