Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thinking about Chocolate as I unpack this late morning...

Best Chocolate in the World - Amore in Bellevue, Washington.

Marina Abrabmovic's Chocolate Lips (made for a dinner party from a mold of her mouth to celebrate the end of her MOMA exhibition in June 2010).

Incidentally the above is not unlike Claes Oldenburg's Wedding Souvenir from 1966 - though not made of chocolate but of plaster. Oldenburg made these for LACMA curator Jim Elliott’s 1966 wedding. I learned from reading Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles this summer that when some guests did not take theirs home [what?!?], Dennis Hopper gathered up enough to make his own personal cake from the remaining pieces.

You can't leave out Janine Antoni's Gnaw from 1992:

Then listen to Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain.

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