Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In light of the fact that it is snowing right now

Mariele Neudecker, Stolen Sunsets, 1996

From Sculpture Today:

“Mariele Neudecker makes elegantly crafted three-dimensional models based on German Romantic paintings, such as those of Caspar David Friedrich, which she sets on plinths and encloses in glass tanks filled with liquid so that she can simulate atmospheric weather conditions. Her mountains and fir trees are made from fiberglass and resin and are airbrushed with acrylic paint. She hopes to evoke the concept of the sublime impresses by the Romantic paintings, even though the sublime impresses by virtue of its overwhelming size and scale."

Caspar David Friedrich's The Sea of Ice

I'm a fan of Neudecker's use of materials (resin and submerging her objects in clear water). In addition the blue hue imitating the colors in Friedrich's paintings is beautiful. The fact that it resembles a diorama to some degree is also of interest. Replicating not just the look but the mood of another work of art from decades earlier with her use of water fascinates me. Plus as I sit in my warm bed looking at the snow outside the window falling, I am thinking that her work is as cold as I would like to feel today but unfortunately, that won't be true. Please don't tell me I have to shovel the driveway....

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