Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Artist's Studio

Francis Bacon's Studio, 1992

Robert Rauschenberg in his studio, 1953

Donald Judd's Studio, Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas

Nick Cave's Studio with Assistants

Willem de Kooning in his studio, 1989

Allan McCollum, 1989

Bruce Nauman, On Mapping the Studio, 2001

James Luckett's studio #3N, 2010

Although this video makes me ill with the handheld camera movement, here's Alec Soth's studio.

The studio where I grew up that encompasses most things I think of when I dream of my own space: scale, light, the couch and chair, drafting table, sink, and oddly enough, the pencil sharpener (which i now own). Thinking heavily about the feasibility of getting my own studio outside the spare bedroom these days.

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  1. In England the Guardian Newspaper used to do a feature every week on artist's studios and writer's rooms, it was always my favourite little column. I love this post.


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