Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's That Auction/Raffle Time of Year Again

I used to work at the Houston Center for Photography and the print auction was the biggest fundraiser. Unfortunately, it was a little too easy to purchase artwork for one's personal collection rather than observing everyone else empty their wallets (although I have no regrets in acquiring Abandoned Car from Lori Nix's Accidentally Kansas series).

Each year I receive an email from HCP advertising their next auction, I will admit to checking out the inventory to see if I can purchase a Ruth Thorne-Thomsen print like the one I no longer have (Dot Lady, WI, 1983).

No Thorne-Thomsen this year but had I all the money in the world, I would walk away with William Lamson's Horizon, 2009.

What all this really amounts to is that I'm procrastinating making my print for the Society for Photographic Education raffle that I was asked to donate to this year. What image you ask? Surely a cake but which one? Someday I hope to get over my fear of auctions (i.e. rejection) and not endlessly sweat over whether or not I will be giving away something that someone else deems desirable.

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