Wednesday, January 5, 2011

26 Applications & 183 Fears (they go hand in hand)

Bring on the rejection letters! I'm hoping for two exhibitions - TWO to come from this. I realize that's a high ratio (.08%) but I have to think positively.

Also of note, Michael Bernard Loggins "Fears of Your Life" list was on This American Life recently [it's Act 3 in the previous link]. I was first introduced to Loggins via Rachel Hines. This is one of the most idiosyncratic books that I make my students read - part of it's charm is that it's handwritten.


"Fear of something that you think that could be in the closet that might be scary is scary"

"Fear that if you Put too much of toilet Paper in the toilet Bowl it will run over and get all over the Floor and on you and on someone else too. It would leak from up stairs to the Next Floor Below."

"Fear of Sharks. Fear of Giant Man. Fear of Gorilla. Fear of Godzilla. Fear of Tall Woman. Fear of Killer Whales. Fear of Dinosaurs Bird. Fear of Invisible Man. Fear of Blob." [yikes! one of those describes me.]

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