Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking about Patrick Kelley's photographs while shoveling the driveway

I met Patrick Kelley at a residency in 2003. He and I were the only photographers at Anderson Ranch - he spent most of his time outside in the snow while I inhabited the depths of the basement darkroom printing wallet photographs. I went snow camping and snowshoeing for the first time with Pat, Karen, and Eric. I crawled up to my waist in snow and generally enjoyed it for the only time in my adult life mainly because I didn't have to drive anywhere or shovel it or move it in any capacity. I think of the photographs Pat was taking frequently and want to include them here. His images are so minimal and he manages to hide any traces in the construction process. We share a love of books whether indented into the snow or in the format of the flipbook (check them out here). I could learn some patience as I embark on this kool-aid experiment as I reconsider his photographs below.

Untitled (snowbook 1)

Untitled (string, snow, paper)

Untitled (knots 2)

Untitled (index, tear)

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