Thursday, May 29, 2014

Riverside Hotel Swimming Pool, Boise, Idaho

An unexpected surprise was the close proximity of Surel's Place to a swimming pool I have fond memories of due to Polaroids from the past (though very few impressions exist without those photographs). The Riverside Hotel was formerly the Red Lion Riverside and every once in awhile, they would have specials for locals to spend the weekend in the summer time. We did that once and my skin was so wrinkly from spending the entire day in this part of the pool below.

As mentioned in a previous post, I visited this location most this month, watching the status of leaves swirling in the water from the winter, draining and gradually refilling. On the day I received permission to photograph it, the water was glorious and I could have spent the day lounging by the water, all in the name of art.

Other than the local YMCA where I first took swimming lessons, I have very little recollection of spending time in swimming pools while growing up in Idaho. Lakes, rivers, and hot springs were the preferred environments.

I am most fond of the photograph above but will debate further as it may be too similar in content to this.

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