Thursday, May 22, 2014

Return to Idaho City...

... and then the Redfish Lake, Salmon River, Middle Fork of the Payette River and Riverside Hotel photographs. The last two weeks have been busy!

It was another beautiful day at the Idaho City Hot Springs before the storm arrived. Last week, I found a notebook on the shelf above the printer at Surel's Place. The first few pages were long gone and the only two words found inside were "synchronized swimming." The cover and interior were warped as if it had been wet in the past. It was highly fitting as I grew up watching my mother practice this activity in every single pool that was deep enough.

I am still brainstorming what do to with the water textures (the most boring photographs in these posts) and finally have a plan that may involve postcards. I will continue to reflect (ha) upon this after I return to the Midwest later this summer.

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