Monday, May 26, 2014

Collections Photographed on the Front Porch

I fell in love with the blue square of paint that appeared on the front porch prior to my residency at Surel's Place. It is my backdrop for items I have collected or those that I discovered in the house that I wanted to remember.

Unfortunately, I never found another piece of sagebrush that was as potent as these three photographed on a cloudy day.

My father had the "Women" sign identical to this above his studio door and visitors always confused it for the bathroom. I wondered where the "Men" sign went as a teenager and then I found it in Surel's garage.

Wishing I was a painter (only on occasion) because I would have a collection of paint brushes like this.

Fake and real. I need a lunch bag like the one on the left because we all know I have plenty like the one on the right.

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