Tuesday, May 6, 2014

En Route to Boise

I do not know who thought it would be a bright idea to finish school on a Tuesday, pack/clean/remove my presence from the rental cave for my house sitter on a Wednesday, and drive to Idaho on Thursday-Saturday. What a long, difficult week. Below are cliché photographs from the road (included for monotony) and random thoughts I had while driving later typed in a Rock Springs, Wyoming hotel room.

I am a tunnel vision driver and could apply for truck driving school if I need another job. Day 1: 12.5 hours. Day 2: 12 hours. Day 3: 8 hours.

Leaving Muncie, Indiana - 1 May 2014

A part of Illinois I had never seen (en route to Springfield) - 1 May 2014


Somewhere in Northern Missouri after crossing the Mississippi at Hannibal - 1 May 2014

Near Cozad, Nebraska - 2 May 2014

In between Laramie and Rock Springs, Wyoming - 2 May 2014

Somewhere in Utah before driving past Ogden - 3 May 2014

I-84 into Southern Idaho - 3 May 2014 (I know this route with my eyes closed)

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