Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Middle Fork of the Boise River

The grand deduction: I am revisiting 75% of all childhood vacation areas within the span of one month (lucky me). The Middle Fork of the Boise River was the site of many campgrounds, sandy beaches on July days, hot springs, and traveling over dusty, washboard to arrive there. We did not make it as far as Brown's Creek as initially planned because the condition of the road was terrible. 

We stopped at the Willow Creek Campground which was the site of many lunches (relived that activity), swimming across to the other side (the river was too cold and high this time), and roaming around the beach (thus began my inadvertent photography collection of abandoned fire pits). 

We searched hard for Big Horn Sheep (another story of the month) but came up empty. Mom is examining her camera exposure in the shade above.

This particular area holds many memories as it is where mining activity took place (producing a hole in sheer rock in an unlikely location on the other side of the river). The water was always so green around the bend.

The turn around point: campground where the North Fork meets the Middle Fork. If anything, this month has made me miss camping and dry heat tremendously.

I wasn't too pleased with the photograph I made based on a concept of storytelling and water in Rebecca Solnit's publication The Far Away Nearby at Willow Creek but will post it alongside what may be the final image taken at Redfish Lake. Coming soon.

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