Thursday, May 8, 2014

Luis Camnitzer: Concept and Presentation

Maria Daniela Quirós recently introduced me to Luis Camnitzer. He is a German-born Uruguayan artist who uses text, humor, found objects, and rubber stamps in a conceptual manner. Here are two works from the catalog, Luis Camnitzer, that I continue to contemplate.

Luis Camnitzer, Arbitrary Objects and Their Titles, 1979/2010 (Detail)

Luis Camnitzer, Arbitrary Objects and Their Titles, 1979/2010 (Detail)

I love the installation and use of titles as nothing about this is traditional in the manner of display. All of a sudden the viewer must create relationships between objects that may or may not have any identification with one another. The titles look like an afterthought but they are deliberately torn and arranged and take on as much of a role as the item they identify. Handwriting is also important (and thankfully more legible than mine).

Luis Camnitzer, The Photograph, 1981

Even though Camnitzer created this work 23 years ago, I strongly identify with the concept. It is witty, ingenious and the photograph lives on a secondary plane (something I need to consider more in my own art).

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