Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marfa: We Meet Again

After the Amarillo Ramp was rained out, I searched for a ramp of any form the rest of the trip. Here is the first located in front of the old Marfa Wool and Mohair Building. I was not satisfied as it featured more staircase than incline (the sun wasn't helping with the exposure).

The Marfa Book Company moved into a temporary location in the Lumberyard until the new hotel is completed. In the meantime, everyone was overwhelmed with its contents (including Lexi Musselman above).

In addition to buying a book of poetry on birds and a few Sam Schonzeit postcards, I added a number of publications to my wish list including The Importance of Being Iceland.

Mediterranean food via the Marfa Food Shark was still excellent. Several photographs were had of the table and its perfectly placed napkin holder.

This is what Donald Judd's pool at the Block looked like this year (with Noelle looking at a dead bat in the background). Not so enticing.

A highlight of this trip was staying at El Cosmico. I shared a teepee with my colleague, Lara. By the sheer number of photographs that I took of this location, one would think I had never seen or slept in one before.

The interior of the teepee in the morning.

The teepee fire pit and fake fur rugs.

A shocking (for Jacinda) photo of a sunrise from (you guessed it) the entrance of the teepee.

... shortly followed by the hammock groves. Bucolic.

For the sixth Marfa visit, I would like to stay in one of the trailers perhaps one like the above.

I was on autopilot for much of Marfa (the Chinati and Judd Foundation tours in particular), searching for something new to experience that I hadn't seen in 2013.

The closest I came was the moment that I saw a plant growing in the Flavin sculpture at Chinati, though the horned owl nesting on the side of the Artillery Shed was also a surprise.

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