Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Mexico Part 1: Carlsbad and Roswell, New Mexico

Although I have visited New Mexico on several occasions, I had never been to Carlsbad Caverns or Roswell, New Mexico. My expectations were high for the former and they were exceeded. We toured the Big Room and no photographs do the stalactites and stalagmites justice, though I was very happy that my iPhone did not represent them as a blurry mess (only partially so).

After we emerged onto the surface, I announced that I never needed to see another cave again as no underground chamber could compare to this. Then I remembered Lascaux and Dordogne and quickly retracted that statement.

I was very curious about the bathrooms 600' below the surface after spending part of last semester lecturing about the Center for Land Use Interpretation's interest in caves in general. After following a lengthy path, the women's bathroom looked like this. Glad to see the trashcan matched its surroundings.

The Roswell UFO Museum, on the other hand, produced very low expectations. I belong in the category listed above. Oddly, I photographed nearly as many images here as I did the caves.

I felt compelled to wear a Halloween costume for the first time since I was ten after visiting this museum (not of an alien).

Sequences of empty chairs were ubiquitous whether they were in the library (yellow) or main  gallery (red).

375 binders of the Candusso Collection of UFO Research

The UFO Museum produced the most spectacular ramp of any location on the journey. Take that bad weather in the Panhandle!

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