Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Arizona: From Chambers to the Hoover Dam

 Chambers, Arizona Days Inn drained swimming pool (ongoing theme)

First visit to the Petrified Forest (and I was impressed)

Perhaps Mars could look like this without vegetation?

Jasper Forest in the Petrified National Forest

My favorite dinosaur at the Rainbow Rock Shop in Holbrook

The horribly named Wigwam Hotel on Route 66 in Holbrook produced some good subject matter despite its questionable connotations.

We interrupt this program to show you that I was rear ended at the entrance to the Grand Canyon.

An hour and a half after that ordeal, what better place to produce a panorama?

Whipping out my best Lewis and Clark pose at the South Kaibob Trail. If it wasn't for the looming rain clouds, the four of us would have hiked further than a few bends past Ooh Ah Point.

South Kaibob Trail shortly after Ooh Ah Point.

Yaki Point at sunset - the Grand Canyon proving that it does look like a Thomas Moran painting. Someday I would like to visit the North Rim as I will return to this place over and over again.

Another interruption (in several ways): snow in Flagstaff. This looks minor but it turned into a full fledged whiteout later on while driving north to Las Vegas.

Wupatki National Monument - the first Native American ruins of the trip for those of us that visited Lightning Field first.

Sarah demonstrating that the blow hole at Wupatki National Monument can resemble a Marilyn Monroe photograph.

 The most humorous door in Flagstaff at the Visitor's Center.

It was too cloudy to see the San Francisco mountain range in Flagstaff so here is a detail of a mural where we ate lunch.

The sadly diminishing water at Hoover Dam marked by the white bath tub ring.

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