Friday, June 12, 2015

Double Negative: Entropy at Its Finest

It was only in the 80ºs when visiting Michael Heizer's Double Negative this year (it beat the 115º heat from 2009). The Space, Land and Concept... crew descends into the South side of the earthwork.

The view across across to the North side. There is a photographer from Los Angeles stationed with a tripod at the top of the opening. Lexi and Sarah are looking at a geocaching box at the closest end of the cut.

Six years have wreaked havoc on the earthwork. Large chunks of stone have fallen since the last visit and it was inadvisable to walk too close to the edge when peering down from above.

I noticed (spoiler alert for future Observational Kit) that the remains of many fire pits littered the base of Double Negative. This was photographed from the South side looking East toward the Virgin River.

For the first time, I traversed the Mormon Mesa to view it from the North side. Our vehicles are barely visible for scale reference.

Rubble on the North side.

A couple days ago, I looked at the envelope in which Camden sent me the concrete block and was shocked to see it dated 2012. I have been chipping and tossing this around the globe for three years. The startling part is that it is only half gone. Double Negative was an ideal location to leave a piece as it is now lost in the debris of fallen stone.

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