Saturday, June 13, 2015

West Wendover, CLUI and the Bonneville Speedway

After a very long day of driving through multiple time zones (beginning in Las Vegas and stopping at Double Negative) we arrived at a not so classy motel in Wendover, Utah. Above is the West Wendover Montego Bay Resort as it was more glorious than our dive that featured a bedspread that looked like it came from a nine year old boy's room (at a cabin in the woods far from civilization thirty years ago).

Oh smoke filled casinos, how I equally loathe and am fascinated by thee. Montego Bay may have come straight out of the 1980s with the color choices (think Miami Vice) and the patron's hairstyles.

The next day we woke up early to visit CLUI and after obtaining the combination from the Los Angeles location where I visited in December, we were free to roam three of the buildings. I found the Golden Spike! Amazingly, it was not under lock down and was in dire need of dusting and relabeling.

A display case with objects found on the old Wendover base was included in the Visitor's Center. The Hulk was filmed here and I made it a point to text my brother that I saw a (supposed) prop. He was less enthusiastic than I was despite his love for the green comic book character.

I wish I jotted down the name of this former CLUI resident who photographed items submerged in the salt water. Of particular interest was this typewriter encased in salt crystals, yet its original form was still recognizable.

The Bonneville Speedway is under water more often than not each time I see it. Even though that isn't good for racing, it is excellent for photographs similar to thousands of others taken and posted on social media.

Another view through the back seat of the Chrysler van.

Here I am looking minute in the landscape as photographed by Kyla Tighe. Next stop: Sun Tunnels where all kinds of antics took place (er ... artwork was made).

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