Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clear Water Sample: Donald Judd's "Tank"

Here I am, collecting water from dead artist's swimming pools. No need to answer what that means (because I don't know yet either).

Donald Judd's pool is officially called a "tank." It does not have a filtration system nor can it be drained (in other words... yuck).  This evening, I pulled out my Chinati manual and this is what Judd wrote about it in the Selected Texts section:

After Nate and Marni sent me a mason jar full of water from Robert Rauschenberg's pool earlier this summer, it was fitting to do the same in Marfa.

A thunderstorm storm, fortunately, forced everyone on the tour to stand under the arbor not in the rain, so it wasn't difficult to pull the jar out of my bag and slide it into the water on the 8' side.

 I couldn't fly back with it in my luggage so a trip to the Alpine post office was in order. Luckily, the water sample arrived without breaking and now I have two large containers to contend with.

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