Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thunderbird Hotel Swimming Pool

• Shallow End = 4'
• Deep End = 9'
• a black line divides the center at the 6' mark
• the edges are scalloped and on the shallow side, two sets of curved stairs with three steps each descend into the pool
• there is a ledge on the deep side - a perfect place to stand in knee deep water and pseudo dive or sit while debating whether or not to jump back in or get out

The sides of the pool and the bottom have brown striations similar to the marks found on a Richard Serra sculpture made of Cor-ten steel. There were water skippers on the shallow end and red dragonflies hovering but not dipping into the water. Reflections of the ocotillo branch fence and white and orange faded lawn chairs appeared depending on the presence of the sun and the position of the clouds.

Pink haunts this pool. Here a deflated raft drifts into the composition.  Everything is greener than I remember, the color constantly changing in direct and diffused light. I kept trying to name the hue and sea green was the closest I came.

I am learning how to use a zoom mic and recorded the sounds - magnificent glugs with roofers stapling tile in the background. I missed the bells from the Catholic church. At this stage, I am collecting without intentions of using the files but who knows what will happen in the future?

I made a list of thirteen bodies of water that have influenced who I am (twelve of which I've visited and one that I dream of seeing eventually). The Thunderbird Hotel swimming pool is meaningful from an artistic end. I made a photograph of a floating doughnut that turned into a series of fake cakes that transformed my process. Not only is it an emerald jewel in the West Texas desert, but a location of great artistic inspiration.

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