Friday, August 30, 2013

Hans-Peter Feldmann's "Katalog Catalogue"

I am notorious for packing far too many books than I have time to read. For this eleven day residency, I brought five - thank goodness for Fed-Ex shipping a big box to Clearmont, Wyoming. I perused Hans-Peter Feldmann's Katalog Catalogue at the New Museum in March and fell in love with it as an archive, a collection of an artist's work and influential images, and most significantly, the multitude of ways flat objects are photographed and displayed. Here are a few highlights:

Demonstration 1: Hands in Action

Demonstration 2: Hands as Props

Framed (gold, wood, metal)

Human as pedestal emulating the subject matter (left), meticulous wrapping (top right) and keeping the unnecessary remains (bottom right)


Suitcase as storage and display (left) and photograph of framed art at an awkward angle (right)

The Picabia quote (above) and the caption from the collection of car radios (below) were too good not to share.

The hope is to incorporate more variety in how I photograph the pile of lists that now line the studio wall and table.

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