Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Collections of Susan Hiller

I recently discovered Susan Hiller on one of my new favorite blogs, Nihilsentimentalgia.

Susan Hiller, Homage to Joseph Beuys (felt lined cabinets of bottles of holy water collected by the artist from around the world), Ongoing from 1969

Susan Hiller, Painting Books and Painting Blocks, 1972-1984 (previously exhibited paintings reconfigured as sculpture)

 Susan Hiller, Homage to Marcel Broadthaers: Voyage, 2009

 Susan Hiller, The Last Silent Movie, 2007/2008 (20-minute single-screen video, continuous soundtrack of extinct and endangered languages subtitled on black screens)

From the artist's website:

"Each of Susan Hiller’s works is based on specific cultural artifacts from our society, which she uses as basic materials. Many of her works explore the liminality of certain phenomena including the practice of automatic writing, near death experiences, and collective experiences of unconscious, subconscious and paranormal activity."

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