Monday, September 16, 2013

Five New (to me) Earthworks & Part II to an Old Favorite

From Ends of the Earth: Art of the Land to 1974 (in conjunction with the traveling exhibition at MOCA and Haus der Kunst, Munich 2012-2013)

Robert Kinmont, 8 Natural Handstands, 1969/2009

Each handstand is a sculptural act emulating an upside-down view of Atlas holding up the world. See the rest here.

Avital Geva, Covering of Sidewalks and Roads with Silage, 1971

Milenko Natanovic (Oho Group), Wheat and Rope, 1969

Richard Long, A Line the Same Length as a Straight Walk from the Bottom to the Top of Silbury Hill, 1970/2012

Here is an excellent link showing it's recreation last year.

Cildo Meireles, Physical Art Cords / 30 KM Extended Line, 1969 (image via)

John Baldessari, California Map Project Part II: State Capital, 1969

Baldessari inserted a red star indicating "capital" on a map in front of the physical capitol building in Sacramento.

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