Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Photographs from Ucross

I was fascinated by the wall of Miss Indian America photographs from the mid 1950s through the early 1980s at the best museum in Sheridan - the Don King Museum in King's Saddlery.

Visual chaos at the Don King Museum.

Daily bike ride (sometimes multiple times) down Big Red Road. Imagine 10-50 deer on either side of the lane depending on the time of day.

Curtains in Buck's Cabin (the rec room)

Double rainbow (quickly followed by a rainstorm) on an evening walk to the studios

Eating breakfast outside (Cindy, the resident chef's homemade granola = WOW)

Label found on leftovers which accurately sums up our eating experience

Evening walk to the studios / reflection on the irrigation water with the Bighorn Mountains in the distance

Piney Creek, a short walk away from the studio

Obligatory Population 25 sign

One of my favorite smells: sagebrush

Teepee circles (either Crow or Sioux) overlooking Piney Creek and the Ucross Foundation (the land is former Sioux bison hunting grounds)

Triple Creek Park and Kocur (two writers' studios) in the distance

View from my bedroom window in the Depot

Reflection from the studio window onto a table top propped against a wall

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