Friday, September 27, 2013

Christine Shank's "Our First Year Together"

From Christine's website: 

"In this series, Our First Year Together, I am exploring ideas of time, place and the entanglement of a narrative, which occurs when images are placed next to one another. I am interested in the way photographs act as an indicator, a map, a marker and at many points a source of confusion. Images of landscapes, still lives, potentially overlooked moments in the domestic, alongside images made in museums and educational institutions, all come together to draw the viewer into the implied relations between these objects, places, and moments, to craft an expansive story. The title of the series, Our First Year Together, indicates a structure of time and alludes to an undefined relationship, while the images work to confuse this expectation and make openings for an individual understanding. Who "our" is is left undefined and therefore continually reconsidered through the relationship that can be draw between the adjacent image. These photographs were created from 2008 to now."

All photographs are by Christine Shank.

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