Friday, September 13, 2013

Tanya Gadbaw: "A Collection of Sweets and Memories"

This week during a pause in the installation of the Echo of the Object in Knoxville, Jennifer introduced me to the paintings of Tanya Gadbaw.  I am drawn to both the subject matter (objects instilled with memories) and the use of a recognizable, yet abstract material as background.

Tanya Gadbaw, Disappearing Generation 8, 2013 (oil on canvas and found object)

Tanya Gadbaw, Leaving Grandma's, 2012 (oil on canvas)

Tanya Gadbaw, Mom, 2011

From Tanya's artist statement:

"A family member once described our family as the “kids from the woods”. This statement reflects my choices aesthetically and conceptually within my work. My family, headed by my grandmother, grew up with many values, different cultures, and a strong work ethic. I have Blackfoot Indian heritage, an African American father, a Mennonite religious grandmother, and surroundings of the Amish and other cultures.

I focus in on my multi- cultural background to produce beautiful paintings and drawings that reflect objects, home cooking, canning, sewing, quilting, patchwork, patterns, and sensational colors. I take traditions, memories, and elements that might be considered as ‘folk’ or ‘old fashioned’ and incorporate them into my work."

 All artwork courtesy of Tanya's website.

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