Sunday, July 21, 2013

Notebooks & Weathered Paper

It will come as no surprise that I collect old paper. This started in graduate school when I constructed artist's books that needed to look worn. Over the last two years, I have accumulated numerous notepads (filled and emptied). It is my greatest hope that they will offer resolution in the presentation of many of the lists in the Autobiography series. I nailed these to the side of the house for one month yesterday:

I hope they will look like the drawing pad Jay Defeo used to adhere her photographs in the image below. I sneaked this terrible snapshot to remember the presentation at her Whitney Biennial retrospective in March.

Since the rental cave is a brick box, I hung them higher than planned. They have until mid August to look less 2012. Let's hope the Midwestern summer cooperates with my first time experiment with weathering paper.

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