Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea: Mountains (2013)

Summer is the time for sequels. I am from the mountains where the water runs clear. My adopted home is by the sea. One of these days we both shall meet again. Meanwhile, I collect images of high elevation and open bodies of water to make me feel closer to what is so far away. Here is this year's installment of Where the Mountains Meet the Sea.

Becky Comber, the miraculous relaxing ladies, 2012 [I adore Becky's collages - expect more in the future.]

Michael Naijar, From the series High Altitude, 2008-2010

Olivo Barbieri, Dolomites Project, 2010

Clint Baclawski, From the series Shangri La

Gabriele Beveridge, Untitled Mountain, 2011

Guy Laramee, Prajna Paramita Carved Artist Book, 2011

Gwynne Johnson, From the Doubtful Paradise

Jeffrey Deitch's Mountain Sofas by Gaetano Pesce

Letha Wilson, Hug, Grand Tetons, 2011

Nicolas Faure, From Switzerland on the Rocks

Peter Happel Christian, Sunset on Mt. Everest According to Google Earth

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