Friday, July 12, 2013

Stutz Gallery Installation

Better late than never OR the artwork that went with the fake and real cakes. Fair warning: I used a tripod but the floor was uneven.

This was the first exhibition for both Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of Water and A Tale of Obsession: David C. Nolan & Marilyn Monroe. I oscillated between showing all of the latter or a small selection. Since the second gallery space is more of a work in progress compared to the first (the lighting and quality of the walls), I experimented with a grid layout. I took Amelia's suggestion and emphasized the three missing in the chronology by not hanging a photograph where one would think it would be. I might try that in the future if they are on view again.

My favorite question during the reception: "What is the connection between these two projects?"

Answer: "Me."

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